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About Us

Our Mission. Established in 1987, our mission is three-fold. First as a non-profit, member-driven consumer education organization, we educate and guide consumers when purchasing safe, reliable and durable products and services. We achieve this mission through a series of educational workshops, newsletters, conferences, and other communications with our consumer-members to ensure they are well-informed and protected.

Secondly, we are a consumer advocacy organization. We strive to ensure that all major consumer products and services meet customer expectations. In those instances when a company or industry fails consumers or produces an inferior product/service that is harmful to consumers or the environment, we will bring the full force of our economic muscle and media relations to persuade the public not to support under-performing companies or their products. In this era of social networking, the Internet, and rapid global communication, our approach to enforcing high consumer standards has proven to be extremely effective. Over the past 20 years, our efforts have contributed to better consumer and environmental legislation, safer products, product recalls, food contamination alerts, and health bulletins warning consumers to be careful in their use of certain drugs or medications.

Thirdly, we recognize companies and businesses for their commitment to the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility through our Green C Certification program. We also sponsor the “Friend of the Consumer” Award which recognizes outstanding businesses and consumer-friendly companies. We also serve as a voice for economic wellness in the United States since our 85,000+ members benefit from a strong, robust state and national economy.

Who Can Join? Any individual or small business employing fewer than 250 employees may become a member of the American Consumer Council or our state consumer councils. To join, please CLICK HERE and complete our simple membership application. Every member receives a membership certificate and important updates on timely consumer issues.

Credit Unions. We are also proud of our relationship with those credit unions that are sponsoring members. As a member, you also become eligible to join one of our outstanding credit unions. Credit Unions are non-profit, member-owned financial institutions that serve the needs of their local community and are committed to helping members with their financial needs. Credit Unions offer you a safe, reliable place to invest your money, obtain low interest loans on autos, homes, college tuition, and other important consumer needs. Also, in partnership with credit unions, we are able to educate consumers on financial literacy topics, planning for the future, and economic wellness.

Communicating with our Members. We communicate with our members through regular updates to our websites, timely communication from the credit union you join as a member, and our quarterly Voice of the Consumer e-newsletters.

The American Consumer Council is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Under its bylaws, ACC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of individuals from its membership who are elected to three-year terms. ACC is managed by a professional staff based in San Diego, CA.

Privacy Policy
As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, the American Consumer Council values and respects its members’ personal data and information.

Accordingly, ACC’s Board of Directors has adopted the following Privacy Policy which we abide by: The American Consumer Council (ACC) will not sell, share or distribute its membership data to any individual, company or organization without the consent of its members. From time to time, ACC will correspond with its members and prospective members via emails and USPS by sending them relevant information and materials relating to important consumer issues, ACC’s annual meeting, notices from our sponsoring member credit unions and special offers from our corporate sponsors. Any member may elect to discontinue receiving such communications from ACC at any time.



2012 Financial Literacy Program for America’s Teens

We invite your support and participation of our 2012 Financial Literacy program for America’s teens


Our Mission

We are a membership organization dedicated to consumer education, awareness, and involvement in America's economic growth through quality products and services.


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